Dustin Kelly

Front End Developer

being creative through code

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Free Time

free time app screenshot

A MERN stack application that utilizes Redux. Using three APIs, a user can search for movies, books and video games and save it to their list (where they can access it later). Complete with login functionality and Material-UI.

Mario Memory Game

mario card memory match game

I recreated the Mario 3 card matching game and added a few extra features such as difficulty levels which decrease the number of turns you are allocated based on the level you choose. Built using Javascript and jQuery.

Gif The News

news and gif mashup app

A fun mash-up of gifs and news articles. Built, in React this app uses the NewsAPI and the Giphy API to mashup up the top 20 results from a user’s query.

Celebrity Eggs

celebrity eggs screenshot

A weird project I took on just to make a few friends laugh. This was built using Javascript so that when a user presses a key there is a card flipping animation and a soundbite of a celebrity saying the word “egg(s)”.

Creative Agency

Creative Agency web design

A multi-page PSD conversion from a client brief and design that is fully responsive using HTML5, CSS, Flexbox, and Grid

About Me

dustin kelly in suit

Hello,my name is Dustin. I’m a Front End Developer living in Toronto experienced in building responsive, accessible websites and web applications using JavaScript, jQuery, Firebase and React. As a recent Juno Bootcamp graduate, I’m looking to expand my portfolio and collaborate on something new.

Before Bootcamp, I spent the past 10 years managing and running Magento and Shopify based e-commerce websites, using HTML and CSS on a daily basis to improve user experience. I also worked closely with devs to implement new features and solve bugs.

I’m a self-motivated person with a passion for learning and a keen desire to improve my skills and immerse myself in everything to do with web development. Being a Front End Developer has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I can't wait to work with like-minded people who share my interest and enthusiasm for technology.